Essays and creative writing

Daryl drew us!
Daryl and Caz by Daryl

I write feature articles, creative non-fiction, and, occasionally, fiction.

Early content for this site jumped from fingertip to screen, loaded after trawling dusty boxes of cobwebs, as I tried to amass some kind of digital archive. Much is amiss. If anyone has a copy of a piece I wrote called ‘Breakdance for a beer’, about a post-Livid festival experience, please let me know. I liked that one.

Scratched here is oft-elderly material. A creaky Wonder Woman v Xena.  Last millennium Jackie Chan. A serious glance at capitalism.  Standing up for the solitary.

And a selection of recent work. Flash memoir about 1989 and 2003. COVID19-inspired reflection, and absurdity. Some writing rejected, and some not.

Thanks for reading! Caroline x

3 thoughts on “Essays and creative writing

  1. i LOVE me…and you…meet me at Avid to get me some books…i have to try to read Salvage the Bones slowly too…what lovely descriptive prose she uses…you can feel it in your bones!

    If you meet me there i promise to ask for the Lonely Polygamist in a REALLY loud voice…i might even get you a new music box! XX