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Bringing back MacBride

File this story under op-shopper’s boast, except, you know, I wasn’t even in an op-shop at the time. But heavens, what a discovery. I can’t even remember the original reason I was in Reverse Garbage, now, but it wasn’t to look for paintings. Yet there they were, four or five boxes of them: all oils, […]

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Is there a word for that mixed feeling of envy and enjoyment you feel when looking at other people’s holiday pics? My friend tagged me in a post of her visit to Sifnos, which reminded me I’d forgotten to put this story up here… until now. It will also be published soon in a shorter […]

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Self indulgent chunk of flash memoir

Memoir. It really should be avoided by all but those with the most interesting, important, timely, or unique stories. Oh well, tough. I just pulled another old writing exercise out of its box. It’s none of the above. This one’s being set free today because it’s my Superbowl story. It’s also an Ekka story. Does […]