Everyday Uncategorized Writing


It will be the year of structure. I will make time to write, corral little chunks of hours. Things will be produced*. (*I will find an alternative to the passive voice to avoid that overexposed personal pronoun.) I have been guilty of calling myself a writer with little to back it up. Let’s be honest. […]


Laura Street Festival 2013

Laura Street Festival is one of the greatest. As usual, I’m not great at sticking a phone camera up and digitising the best bits of life: The lovely little stages on verandas, in back gardens, in garages, under houses The awesomeness of bands like Lawrence and Clare, playing to a couple handfuls of lucky us sprawled […]


Teen music *not Beiber*

Last night, I met a charming young Scot, a relative of my partner. Flying back today, he mentioned disappointment in not being able to find more old Go Betweens albums on vinyl in the record stores he visited in Aus. He runs a monthly indie night back home and is a fan of these, as […]