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A quel age pour a Wes Anderson?

Oh, please see that title for the faux pretension that it holds, for the rest of the post is probably pure pretension. Or whatever.

Oh, I WAS relieved when my sons loved Wes Anderson’s version of The Fantastic Mr Fox. Der. Of course.

And I’ve just come home from seeing Moonrise Kingdom. Loved it. Yes, it’s adorable. As adorable as that sweet little cafe down the road.

Anyway, where was I? Full of wine, I think. But that’s what, not where. Where?

Wes. Mighty mighty Wes.

Bloody awful name.


Moonrise Kingdom. A c0oler version of Stand By Me (at least one Corey!). With a cool girl and everything. I think my boys would love it. But WHEN? When should you let the youngsters in on the Wesness? Interwebz, this is the question. When can I show them a film made by Mr Anderson without potential “issues” arising?

I thought now would be fine, but my dear friend reminded me that, in the last film, a dog did die, violently.

So. Soon?

I wonder if it is ever too s0on to show your sons a movie by Wes Anderson that is not animated. No, bugger it. Now is fine. Tomorrow, Bottle Rocket, Saturday is Zissou town.