Everyday garden

Garden update

The tabebuia is on its way out, sadly, but together with the wisteria, it has reliably heralded spring again. I’m making a little peace with Walter the turkey, but not much. I’ve thwarted his orchid-wrenching by repotting the ones he’s scattered in hanging baskets. His taste for heliconia roots is getting on my nerves, and […]



I was presented with an Alberto’s takeaway this morning. It was either a large flat white, or a cup of crack. Either way, the bathroom finally got cleaned. Yeeeeeha!



Do you ever have that feeling, sitting there, two hands on the steering wheel, that your arms could move, all by themselves, and drive you and your car and whoever is with you off the road, into the ditch, into that car next to you, into the line of oncoming traffic? Do you ever stare […]


The magpie

I guess the magpie is the cause of yesterday’s morose mood, as witnessed by that previous post. Well, what’s left of it: a mangled pancake. Broken feathers. One of the joys of moving back inside a city, from living regionally, next to a beach, was the fact that I can walk to most places I […]