The official trailer has been released, and it has not damped my fears. I am afraid, more than slightly afraid. I do hope I am wrong.

But, if Fitzgerald does suffer death by Baz, at least there remains a clear memory of when the Elevator Repair Service brought Gatz to Brisbane a few years ago, all eight glorious hours of it.


UPDATE: 12 June 2012. Jay McInerney puts forward a bloody good summation of The Great Gatsby here.

2 thoughts on “Gatsby

  1. it’s a bloody disgrace…why do they always try to fix what ain’t broke??? Oh Baz….give it up!!! Leave Gatsby alone!!!

    1. Too late; it is done.

      Does everything he touch turn to brass?

      Call me unAustralian, but I think the only director who should have re-made Gatsby is Sofia Coppola. She would have done right by it.

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